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Media Duplicators

SCSI Tape Duplicators

Peripheral Vision's range of Tape Copying solutions is designed to meet most data duplication and distribution requirements and models can be purchased with or without drives. Off-line desktop units can provide a fast single copy whilst a tower can create multiple tapes via a number of slave drives.

Tape libraries can also be attached to offer automatic tape loading for unattended operations. Verification and other options are selectable via the front panel LCD which updates the activity status every four seconds.



LTO Tape CopyStation

Auto Copyloader

Peripheral Vision's Tape CopyStation is designed to produce exact copies from a single source (Master) tape, to a single target (Slave) tape. Copy data rates of up to 70 Gb/hr are possible. The Drives may be LTO, (S)DLT, AIT, etc or any mix of these. The unit is based upon a standard ATX PC motherboard and PCI SCSI tape adapters.

The motherboard is mounted in a standard PC tower cabinet. The operator attaches his own monitor and Master & Slave tape drives then uses the CopyStation in stand-alone mode.

Alternatively, the unit can be connected to the local intranet, and by using Remote Desktop can be operated from any screen on the network.

Copy Controller

Copy Controller

Peripheral Vision's SCSI controller is at the heart of every solution. It can make block-by-block copies of DLT, QIC, DAT & 8mm format tapes, and because is it a stand-alone device reading directly from one tape and writing to the other(s), the copying process is much more efficient than using software on a computer system. The 5 1/4 inch form factor tray can be purchased separately for simple OEM installation.

Tower Copy Station

Tower CopyStation

A stand-alone unit for producing multiple copies. One master drive can be connected to (up to) six slave drives for concurrent duplication.

Copy Stations are available with or without drives or as a tray controllers for third party integration.

The display can be customised for re-branding.


  • Copies block-for block, byte-for-byte.
  • LCD Copy / Verify options & reporting.
  • Extensive operator interface & diagnostic features: Including comprehensive self-test, transfer rate and remaining capacity.
  • Off-line Copying reduces system overhead.
  • Unattended Operation.
  • Mixed technology copying: Tape interchange, copying from one tape technology (or density) to another.