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Peripheral Vision (Technology) Ltd (PV) have been manufacturing SCSI products in the UK since the company's formation in 1991. Specializing in flash memory with a SCSI interface, SCSI converters, switches, duplicators, PV have gained a reputation for unique reliable products and quality support at affordable prices.

Peripheral Vision Ltd has developed the SCSI Bridge product "SCSICFDisk". This is an economic answer to replacing to hard-to-find legacy storage products. This SCSICFDISK/FlashTape product is a SCSI Solid State Disk or Solid State Tape drive that uses a standard Compact Flash (CF) Card as its storage.

The 3.5" form factor printed circuit board (PCB) has a standard SCSI1/SASI/SCSI2 interface can be configured to emulate & replace:

  • Any SCSI hard disk drive
  • Magneto Optical (MO) drives, Bernoulli, Zip, Jaz (Iomega), Syquest and Floppy disk drives (Teac).
  • Tape drives (All interfaces -SCSI, QIC02, Pertec) – DAT, 8mm, AIT, 9-track half-inch, QIC drives, and Travan.

Data is stored on an industry standard Compact Flash (CF card), which can be easily removed. The CF card can then be plugged into a Windows PC and the data archived.

We have proven and installed units on the following systems:

  • Rosemount RS3
  • Honeywell MXopen
  • Siemens TXP 
  • Applied Materials
  • TSK
  • Owens Illinois (Servo Panel)
  • ABB Advant Operator stations
  • DEC PDP 11
  • Vax, uVax and Alpha
  • Canon (Endos)
  • Evans & Sutherland
  • Encore
  • Gould and Thomson CSF
  • Modcomp
  • Siemens EWSD
  • Nortel DMS
  • Ericsson AXE10
  • NEC Neax Fujitsu Fetex
  • AT&T