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SCSI MO Disk or Hard Disk Duplicator



Small format PCB in half-height 5.25" tray with display and push button. SCSI connections to Master and Slave MO or Had drives.

master to slaveDisk



  • Simple Block for Block, byte for byte copy, independent of the disk format.
  • Stand-alone - no PC required.
  • One to One copy (standard), or One to Many copiers available.
  • Optional Disk verify (after copy)
  • Simple to use - push button and LCD display interface.
  • Compatible with any SCSI drive. IDE drives can be copied using an adapter.
  • Slave Test mode available - conducts write / read test on the Slave drive.
  • Slave disk Format option.
  • Enclosure has floating power leads for the drives, bulkhead connectors for the SCSI connections.



Enclosure size: 250mm X 240mm X 60mm

Power: Universal Power supply 96 - 276 VAC

Disk drive power: standard 5V / 12V Molex style disk power connectors.

Disk Connectors: SCSI 3 with screw lock strain relief.

LCD Display: 2 X 16 backlit display with push button for SCSI set-up, real time activity display and real-time diagnostics.


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