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Available with or without drives, our copier solutions are designed to meet most data duplication and distribution requirements.

LTO Tape CopyStation

ltoTapeCopyStationPeripheral Vision's Tape CopyStation is designed to produce exact copies from a single source (Master) tape, to a single target (Slave) tape. Copy data rates of up to 70 Gb/hr are possible. The Drives may be LTO, (S)DLT, AIT, etc or any mix of these.

The unit is based upon a standard ATX PC motherboard and PCI SCSI tape adapters. The motherboard is mounted in a standard PC tower cabinet.

The operator attaches his own monitor and Master & Slave tape drives then uses the CopyStation in stand-alone mode.

Alternatively, the unit can be connected to the local intranet, and by using Remote Desktop can be operated from any screen on the network.

Tape Copy Controller

Small format PCB in half-height 5.25" tray with display and push button. SCSI connections to Master and Slave tape drivers. Shown here packaged with 3 DAT drives.

tapeCopier Controller




tapeDuplicator 2

  • Simple Block for Block copy, independent of the tape format.
  • Stand-alone - no PC required.
  • One to One copy, or One to Many copiers available.
  • Simple to use - push button and LCD display interface. The operator simply inserts the master tape into the top drive, and blanks into the slaves (lower drives), then presses the button to copy.
  • Compatible with any SCSI tape drive: DAT, (S)DLT, LTO, AIT 8mm and QIC.
  • Will copy across formats for migration of data.
  • Useful for data distribution, disaster recovery.
  • Front panel menu allows Copy, Copy with Verify, or Verify only.




PCB Controller: small format mounted in 5.25" half height tray with front panel LCD display and pushbutton. SCSI connections to Master & Slave drives. Requires 5V only.

Dimensions: Tower design with A4 Footprint.

Power: 100 - 260V Autosensing 50 - 60 Hz



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