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web switch

web switch
Two or more servers share a SCSI Tape Library. Each server has control of the switch via the local intranet. EWach server controls the switch and library accesses using the standard window's scheduler

  • Share SCSI Devices between Multiple Hosts to maximise the peripheral investment
  • Controlled automatically via the intranet - using simple web page opens in the standard Windows task scheduler
  • Can be used to provide failover or failsafe protection when sharing SCSI RAID or Tape Libraries between an active host and a dormant host
  • As a low cost alternative to a SAN
  • Matrix Switches 2X2, 3X2 and 4X2 available
  • 160 Mbytes/sec Bandwidth
  • SCSI busses are totally isolated from each other, re-timed and regenerated, so that they can run the full length in either direction
  • Each Bus segment is individually terminated. LVD busses have multi-mode termination
  • SCSI bus type - LVD, HVD or SE SCSI, or a mixture of these busses in the Switch
  • Choose the method of controlling the Switch - Dynamic Switching, Manual control, control over the Network as a Network device, or Automatic Control via the SCSI bus itself or via a serial bus
  • Bus Switching maintains correct termination, and only occurs at SCSI bus free
  • Suitable for HVD, LVD or SE SCSI, or a mixture of these
  • Rackmount or Desktop versions available
  • Complete hardware-only solution- no software required
  • Automatic Switch Control using the standard Windows Scheduler


The intranet connection can be to HostA and HostB. These Hosts can then control the Switch by opening the simple accesses to relevant web pages. These web access tasks can then be added to the standard Widows or Unix Task Scheduler for Automatic Switch control.



All enclosures attach with 68-way standard SCSI III connectors

Compatible with any SCSI device

Universal Power Supply: .97 -260 VAC

Desktop Enclosures: A4 footprint

Rackmount Enclosures: 1U

Ethernet connection: via standard RJ45 10/100Mb


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