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Tape Switch for Tandem/HP NSK - share a Tape Drive automatically




The Dynamic Switch allows any tape drive or library to be shared between multiple Tandem S or K series Hosts via the standard SCSI connections. Sharing is automatic - no manual intervention is required.


Four S series or K series Hosts share a common SCSI tape drive Switching is automatic - no manual operation is required.



  • Each Tandem Host "sees" the tape drive in the normal way - it should only be scf started on one Host, and stopped on the remainder
  • Host SCSI connections are completely isolated from each other
  • Simple, dependable way to maximise the value of your SCSI tape investment
  • Switching is dynamic and automatic - no physical or electronic switching is required
  • Hardware-only solution  -  no software required
  • Available in rackmount or desktop enclosures
  • Useful for program loads in clustered environments
  • 2 Host, 4 Host and 6 Host Switches available



Bandwidth: Full specification Ultra SCSI?no transfer loss through the Switch, zero overhead.

All enclosures are HVD SCSI 3 attach with HP standard 68-way SCSI connectors.

Compatible with 3214, 3216, MFC and all S series SCSI Features

Compatible with all SCSI tape drives

Universal Power Supply.

Rack enclosures: 1U height

Desktop enclosure: A4 footprint



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