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Sharing an LTO Tape drive between two iSeries with 5712 or 5702 Features



Two AS/400 Hosts with 5702 Features
sharing a 3581 Tape drive

Available as a Rack-mount or
Desktop Switch

Use a Peripheral Vision SCSI Switch to share a tape drive between iSeries Hosts and maximise your Tape investment.

  • Each Host creates the tape drive in the normal way as a TAPXX device
  • Simple manual switch-over. SCSI termination switched automatically. Both Hosts are terminated normally at all times
  • Overcomes problem of un-plugging and re-plugging SCSI cables
  • Full bandwidth operation - no speed loss
  • No set-up, Transparent to SCSI ID of drive, does not use a SCSI ID itself
  • Rack mount or desktop units available
  • Automatic versions available, controlled from a CL script on the Host
  • Compatible with 2729 2749 5702 or 5712 IOPs (IOAs)
  • For the HVD SCSI features (2749/2729), Each Host controls the Switch by the Vary-on of the drive. The drive can only be Varied on in one Host at a time. No manual intervention is required. The Vary ON and Vary Off commands can be built into the As/400 CL script
  • For the LVD SCSI features (5702 or 5712) Automatic versions are available
  • 4 and 6 Host versions also available
  • Can be used to share the tape drive between the iSeries and a Wintel/Unix Host


Compatible with all SCSI drives

Universal Power Supply: 97 to 260 VAC

Desktop Enclosures: A4 footprint

Rackmount Enclosures: 1U height



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