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High Availability computer systems require Shared Disks and Tapes/Libraries. Sharing a Disk or Tape by joining the SCSI buses between servers can be problematic. Consideration must be given to shared termination and bus stub lengths.

Peripheral Vision's Server Clustering Solution overcomes all of these problems by allowing bus segments to be created that are totally regenerated and re-timed and so are isolated from adjoining buses. This also allows the disks to be placed up to 25 meters from the hosts.


  • Share a Disk or Tape system between 2 or more hosts
  • Sharing can be Manual or Dynamic / Automatic
  • Hardware only solution - no special software or patches
  • Available for HVD or LVD hosts, or a combination
  • PCB provides complete SCSI isolation between hosts. Each host has an independently terminated bus that is not affected by the bus switching
  • Simple, dependable way to maximise the value of your SCSI tape investment.



Transfer Rate: 160 MB/Sec Ultra160 SCSI

Power: +5V+-5% 7 Watts typical. Standard 3.5" minature power connector

Environmental Conditions: Operating 0?C to 60?C

Connectors: Standard 68-way SCSI III, female



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