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It is often desirable to extend a SCSI bus beyond its limit of 6M (single ended) or 12M (LVD). By using a pair (or more) of PV's SCSI converters the SCSI Bus can be extended by up to 60M.

SCSI busExtender

  • The bus is segmented in (up to 20M) lengths. Each segment is re-timed and regenerated. Each segment is isolated by having its own programmable termination in and out.
  • Each Extender is in a small stand-alone enclosure, or available as a PCB for integration into other equipment.
  • Ultra SCSI capable.
  • Does not consume a SCSI ID.
  • Supplies switchable termination and termination power in either direction.
  • Enclosure has a universal power supply, and two connectors - SCSI-in and SCSI-out.
  • Easy to install.


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