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LVD-2-SE converter / expander



The LVD-2-SE will convert single-ended peripherals to wide Low Voltage Differential (LVD).

This prevents the Ultra2 SCSI LVD bus from defaulting to the Single Ended bus, with the resultant loss in performance.



LVD host

  • Operates as a SCSI bus converter or expanders.
  • Converts Single-Ended peripherals (wide or narrow) to Wide Low Voltage Differential.
  • Electronic isolation between the two different buses.
  • Each side of the converter can be logically disconnected from its bus, without disturbing SCSI transfer currently in progress, via a simple logic signal input on the printed circuit board.
  • Allows the useful features of SCSI switching / sharing and hot swap capabilities as standard.
  • Allows existing Single-Ended devices to take advantage of superior LVD cable distance and data reliability.
  • Targets and Initiators can be located on either side of the converter.
  • Supports SCSI 1, 2 and 3.
  • A transfer rate of up to 40 Mbytes per second.
  • Switchable, active termination available to both SCSI buses.
  • Small printed circuit board for easy integration into existing peripheral's enclosure.
  • Can be used to extend a SCSI bus to 12 metres.
  • Termination power supplied via resettable fuses.


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