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LVD2LVD160 isolator/expander



The LVD2LVD160 is an Ultra3 SCSI Expander that re-times and regenerates the SCSI bus to allow LVD devices to be used with bus lengths exceeding the 12 meter limit.

Using the LVD2LVD160 creates 2 isolated bus segments that have their own multi-mode terminator. SCSI RAID with buses that are isolated from each other, and where SCSI resets from one Host will not be transmitted to the other host.

This is particularly useful in and Failover Clustering applications.



  • Multi-mode operation: Converts SE to LVD automatically.
  • Small printed circuit board size: It can be integrated into a peripheral box, or used in stand-alone fashion.
  • Each side of the LVD2LVD can be logically disconnected from its bus, without disturbing possible SCSI activity, also maintaining SCSI termination on both sides. This can be controlled by a simple logic input to the board or expanded to be controlled from a serial line or be sensed and controlled over a network.
  • Useful for Hot-swap applications.
  • SCSI reset steering option via jumper settings.
  • Does not consume a SCSI ID.
  • Multi-mode termination can be disabled via jumper settings.
  • Allows for targets and Initiators on both sides.
  • No software required.
  • 5V only operation.
  • Termination power can be supplied via resettable fuses.
  • Small PCB width allows board to be mounted directly on the back bulkhead SCSI slot.



Transfer Rate: up to 160 Mbytes / sec.

Support for Domain Validation

Size: 71mm X 109mm (2.8" X 4.28")

Power: 5 Vdc only @ 8mm mA Standard 4-pin mini power connector.

SCSI Connectors: 68 pin high density SCSI III connectors with metal shell.



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