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The LVD2HVD(E) is a self-contained SCSI converter in a small desktop enclosure, with a universal power supply. Simply connect the SCSI cables and switch on. It can be used to connect and HVD device to an LVD Host or vice-versa.

  • Can be used either way round - LVD to HVD, or, HVD to LVD.
  • A small, stand-alone enclosure is easy to install.
  • Universal Power supply.
  • Simple connection - SCSI-in and SCSI-out connections only.
  • Does not consume a SCSI ID.
  • No software, No Set-up.
  • This box is internally terminated on both buses.
  • LVD side is Multi-mode, automatically adjusting to a SE bus if required.
  • Front panel power and SCSI busy LED indicators.


Typical Installations

Connecting an HVD device to an LVD Host

Connecting an HVD device to an LVD Hos

Connecting an LVD device to a HVD Host

Connecting an LVD device to a HVD Host



Bandwidth: Full HVD Bandwidth - 40 Mbytes/sec - Ultra SCSI

Termination: Internally terminated on both sides. LVD has automatic multi-mode termination.

Connectors: 2 x 68-way standard SCSI III connectors - 2-56 unc thumbscrew strain relief.

Universal Power Supply: 96 - 276 VAC

Size: 253mm x 174mm x 64mm


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