Floppy Disk Copiers

Low level Floppy Disk Duplicator

Floppy Disk Copier

Small stand-alone mini-tower can duplicate 1 Master to (up to) 6 3.5" Floppy Disks simultaneously.

Floppy Disk Copier
  • Stand-alone Duplicator - no PC or software required.
  • Low level block-for-block, byte-for-byte copy, independent of the data format.
  • Copy, Verify and Quick-Verify functions.
  • Small footprint tower and design with front-panel, backlit LCD display and push-button interface.
  • Simple to use - push-button and LCD display interface. The operator simply inserts the master disk into the top drive, and blanks into the Slaves (lower drives), then presses the button to copy.

Dimensions: Tower design with A4 Footprints

Operating Temp: 4 to 40 Degrees Celsius

Power: Universal power supply 100 - 260V Autosending 50 - 60 Hz


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