Pertec to Compact Flash

Flash Replacement for a Pertec Tape drive

The Flash Tape consists of a general purpose Pertec to SCSI bridge, and SCSI to Flash PCB for a Removable CF Flash Card. This card is then presented to the Host as a regular Pertec tape drive of a factory defined emulation, and the Host sees the unit as a Pertec style tape drive.

  • Solid State Pertec Tape drive.
  • The Pertec2Flash enclosure emulates a standard Pertec Tape drive to a Host. It has a Pertec interface on one side and a Compact Flash card on the other. It allows data to be written and retrieved to a Compact Flash (CF) card. The CF card can then be removed as if it were a regular tape.
  • Emulates a 1600 or 6250 bpi @ 50 ips Pertec tape drive.
  • Start/stop and streaming modes and on-the-fly commands are supported.
  • The PCB is mounted in a small desktop enclosure with universal PSU. Pertec connectors are at the rear.
Pertec to Compact Flash

The PCB carries its microcode in Flash, that can be simply updated via an internal serial port. It has an optional standard display module interface to drive a 2 line by 16 character backlit, LCD display. There is also an RS232 serial port for diagnostics.

Peripheral Vision's FlashTape product is a small stand-alone flash disk based product that emulates a standard Pertec drive.

The Pertec interface tape drives are still used in many applications. These drives are no longer manufactured and tape repair houses are finding increasingly difficult to get spare parts. Some applications are written to only operate with this drive, which yields a problem when the drive fails and cannot be repaired.

Flash Tape Drives

The unit is mounted in a small desktop enclosure with universal PSU. Pertec connectors are at the rear.

PV aim the product as a low-cost way to give extra life for Legacy Hosts which would otherwise need to use unreliable second-hand tape drives.

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